Room Hire

Available for hire on a regular basis for classes, clubs and organisations.

One hall with access to a kitchen for making drinks, peaceful garden, piano, screen, hearing loop, accessible toilet and ramp.

Public parking opposite.  Rates: £10 per hour

Contact Lettings Clerk Jane Mitchell for further information and bookings.

Tel 01279 503024   Email

LETTINGS POLICY for Stansted Quaker Meeting House 2015
(Complying with CONTRACT for Hirers 2015)

General Points
The main use of the Meeting House is as a Place for Worship
The Memorial Garden is to be treated with due respect at all times.
To avoid congestion in the Meeting House car park (and to prevent blocking the neighbours’ driveway), large groups should be encouraged to use the public car park across the road.
Smoking in the Meeting House is prohibited, and permission must be requested for the use of alcohol.
Generally no Lets of less than six weeks. (one off lettings for Church meetings only).

Prospective Hirers will contact the Lettings Clerk (name and telephone number on outside noticeboard and on front door)
No hiring to be accepted if the activity contravenes the Quaker principles of Peace and Non Aggression.
The Lettings clerk will provide any new hirer with :
an invoice booking form to complete and return
2 copies of the contract attached (one to be signed and one returned)
Regular users will be provided with a MH key by the Premises Lettings clerk assistant , and informed re the locking up system (doors and windows) on leaving the building, and the heating system, if not a regular weekly user.

No hiring charge required for Quaker related purposes (eg Area and Regional Meetings, Light Group Meeting, CTS Meetings)
The fees for all other lettings are £10 per hour as from Jan 2014. (fees will be reviewed every two years)

Care of Premises
Notices or other articles must not be affixed to woodwork or walls
The Meeting House should be left clean and tidy with furniture arranged as found.
Any breakages should be reported to the Lettings Clerk
No ball games permitted inside.
Piano may only be used with special permission.
Carers/parents are responsible (with the hirer) for the behaviour and safety of any children not directly involved in the hirer’s activity
Stansted Quaker Meeting cannot be responsible for theft of any property.

Use of the Kitchen
The kitchen may be used by the hirers for drinks, torch and First Aid Kit only.
If fridge is used, hirers must ensure it is left clear and clean.

The Meeting House Insurance does not cover hirers’ activities, and no liability can be accepted for loss or damage caused to property or equipment of the hirer, or for personal injury to the hirer or third party.
Hirers are responsible for obtaining insurance to cover third party claims against them or their organisation, and are asked to provide a copy of the statement of their public liability cover to the Lettings clerk.

Children on the premises must be adequately supervised at all times.
All groups using the Meeting House must have in place their own procedures for dealing with any emergency which may arise during their use of the premises
There are two fire extinguishers in the reception area, with instructions for use clearly visible, and another extinguisher in the large meeting room.
There is an “In the Event of Fire” notice on the main noticeboard, and an Assembly Point sign on the noticeboard in the car park
In the event of a power cut and no lighting, there is a windup torch on the library shelf and on the back of the kitchen door.

The heating is pre-set on a timer for all regular weekly bookings.
For occasional bookings, the Lettings Clerk will inform and demonstrate to the new hirer, the procedure for turning the heating on and off for the duration of the Let.
The thermostat on the wall by the library shelves, may be turned up if necessary during the Letting time, but must be returned to the 20 degree setting on leaving the building (there is a reminder notice above the thermostat).

Sound System
There is a Loop system for those with hearing difficulties, if they have compatible hearing aids. To activate the system, the electric plug source is by the fire extinguisher in the main room, near to the wall socket where the loop system can be switched on.